Where The Wind Blows

In episode 6 of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast, we talk with Ken Visser, an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at Clarkson University. Prof. Visser has worked at NASA Langley and Boeing in addition to Clarkson University. In this episode we discuss many of his successes including the current 2017 Clarkson ISE Sustainability Project and some projects that did not make it to the implementation phase. Ken was really fun to talk with, and we hope you learn just as much as we did.

For more on Ken’s current work, visit: http://ductedturbinesinternational.com

IoT & Looking for Problems

In episode 5 of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast, Alumnus and Trustee Rajan Raghavan ’82 discusses IoT, this year’s theme for the President’s Challenge. As a serial entrepreneur, Rajan has built numerous businesses, and found his niche in IoT. In this episode, we discussed how IoT was born and how he became interested in it. In addition, we discussed IoT security and his formula for founding companies. To learn more about what Rajan is doing now, visit www.thefabricnet.com.