Covid Hotspot Tracking with Mahesh Banavar

In this episode, we sit down with Mahesh Banavar, an associate professor in Clarkson’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department. We talked about the project he is collaborating on with professors from both Clarkson and Arizona State University, where they are trying to improve location services to help determine how far apart people are. This information is crucial to assist not only with contact tracing after a breakout of COVID-19 occurs, but also to help prevent breakouts from happening in the first place by identifying potential hotspots.

Clarkson Ignite Podcast with Lucas Root ’05

In this episode, we talk with Lucas Root ’05, Clarkson alumni, about his career path and how Clarkson has shaped him into a great innovator. Lucas has extensive experience working as a consultant for companies such as Pokemon with a focus on operations strategy and implementation projects. Listen in today on how start-ups could be affected now and what the Clarkson experience can offer.