Student Owned Businesses’ Success in Regional Competition

In this episode we talked with three Clarkson student-owned businesses who competed in the North County Regional Business Plan Competition: Palmer Technology, Garden Guardian, and ANA Smart Safety. Diving into the details and experiences they had starting their businesses, the three companies gave insight on the steps and processes they took to formulate and execute their business plans. Each company shares their road to success with their products and processes, and talked about their experience in the North County Regional Business Plan Competition.

Creating the Cores of Electronics with Joe Ferraro ’77

In this episode, we sat down with Joe Ferraro ‘77, President of Elna Magnetics. We talked to him about all the innovative ways his company manufactures ferrite cores for electronics companies, overcoming the challenges presented by the brittle material while keeping costs down for their customers. He also shared his commitment to educating the next generation of engineers through local programs he and his company sponsor. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Joe.

The Road to Entrepreneurship with Jon Meighan ’07

In this episode, we talk with Jon Meighan ’07, President of Lake Erie Rubber. We learned how he built his career up through the ranks at GE Transportation before acquiring Lake Erie Rubber. He also gave us some great insight for people who are interested in starting or acquiring their own business. It was a great conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Helping Startups Grow with Melinda Little of Point Positive

In this episode, we talk with Melinda Little, coordinator of Point Positive, an angel investment group. We talked about how Point Positive got started, how it works, and how you can grow your startup through Point Positive.

Environmentally Friendly Public Transit with Kevin Neumaier ’86

In this episode, we talk with Kevin Neumaier ’86 about his innovative new transportation system, SwiftRails. He goes over how the idea came up, the backyard development process, and all of the benefits his system provides. It was a really interesting conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Accelerated Bridge Construction with Tom Karis ’86

In this episode, we talk with Tom Karis ’86, who worked his way from entry-level highway engineer to Chief Engineer of Infrastructure at CHA Consulting. We learned a lot about an accelerated bridge construction project completed at the end of 2019, especially about some of the innovative methods used in the project to help get it done with minimal disruption to local traffic. It was a really interesting conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

How Clarkson Clubs are Adapting to COVID-19 Guidelines

In this episode, we sat down with five different clubs here at Clarkson to see what innovative ways they have come up with to navigate all the guidelines put in place due to COVID-19. We talked to Doctors Without Borders, Club Soccer, Colleges Against Cancer, Formula SAE, and Clarkson Union Board, and we hope you enjoy our conversations as much as we did!

Covid Hotspot Tracking with Mahesh Banavar

In this episode, we sit down with Mahesh Banavar, an associate professor in Clarkson’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department. We talked about the project he is collaborating on with professors from both Clarkson and Arizona State University, where they are trying to improve location services to help determine how far apart people are. This information is crucial to assist not only with contact tracing after a breakout of COVID-19 occurs, but also to help prevent breakouts from happening in the first place by identifying potential hotspots.

Clarkson Ignite Podcast with Lucas Root ’05

In this episode, we talk with Lucas Root ’05, Clarkson alumni, about his career path and how Clarkson has shaped him into a great innovator. Lucas has extensive experience working as a consultant for companies such as Pokemon with a focus on operations strategy and implementation projects. Listen in today on how start-ups could be affected now and what the Clarkson experience can offer.

Clarkson Greenhouse with Sue Powers and Matt Hawthorne

In this episode, we talk with Sue Powers, the Director of Clarkson’s Institute for a Sustainable Environment, about the new greenhouse being built next to the garden as one of many sustainability projects across campus. We also talk to Matt Hawthorne, project manager for the greenhouse and co-founder of the Ignite Podcast.