Around the Campus: Farewell to Campus with Tony Collins

On this week’s episode of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast we host President Tony Collins. We talk to President Collins on his experiences, lessons learned during his tenure, and the future of education and the University. President Collins shares his thoughts and advice for all of our campus community members as he heads towards retirement.

Across the Campus: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Launch in with another episode Across the Campus!

This week’s episode features Professor Suresh Dhaniyala, distinguished professor and Co-Director of the Center for Air and Aquatic Resources Engineering and Sciences (CAARES). Dr. Dhaniyala speaks to us about the current state of aerosol mechanics and particle research, in addition he shares with us his experiences with his own research in an insightful and powerful way. He explains the need for this research and why it is a growing field. Take off for a moment and relax because you’re on a trip Across the Campus!

Across the Campus: Biology

Save the animals is taking on a whole new form!


This week’s Clarkson University’s Ignite Podcast episode “Across the Campus” takes us on a journey to the Biology Department. We talk to seasoned biologist and Professor Tom Langen about the ecological impacts of humans, especially on endangered species, and how biological research is being implemented in the North Country and New York. Dr. Langen explains that, “technology is getting to a point to where we can use” previous research and newer technologies to form new and interesting ways of ecological preservation.

Across the Campus: Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Clarkson University is rising to the top of sustainability all thanks to the Institute of a Sustainable Environment!

This week on “Across the Campus” we talk to Dr. Susan Powers, the Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment, about our changing climate, sustainability efforts on campus, and the amazing progress and results Clarkson has done to reduce its carbon footprint! It is her mission – as well as Clarkson’s mission – to be carbon neutral by 2025!