Around the Campus: Farewell to Campus with Tony Collins

On this week’s episode of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast we host President Tony Collins. We talk to President Collins on his experiences, lessons learned during his tenure, and the future of education and the University. President Collins shares his thoughts and advice for all of our campus community members as he heads towards retirement.

Across the Campus: Innovation with Darryl Scriven

“People are not afraid of Change they are afraid of loss.”

On this week’s episode of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast we host Dr. Darryl Scriven, a professor specializing in mathematics and bioethics. We talk to Dean Scriven on his experiences and travels, and how it has influenced his outlook on innovation, the importance of ethical research, and the future of education in general. His passionate attitude towards change and innovation opens the door to many possibilities to share with the Clarkson community.

Across the Campus: Chemical Engineering

This week’s episode of Across the campus takes us on a journey to the Chemical Engineering department.

We sit and talk with Dr. Krishnan about his research which is comprised of energy cells, desalination, material processing and much more. We hope to inspire anyone who is taking on or thinking about doing any sort of work in chemical engineering!

Across the Campus: SPEED Teams

Do you have the need for SPEED?

This week’s Clarkson University’s Ignite Podcast episode “Across the Campus” takes us on a wild ride with the Speed Team! This week we talk to the first ever female co-presidents Kaylee Schrader and Taylor Converse to talk about the exciting engineering competitions that Clarkson participates in and how they are using innovative technologies to get an edge over their competitors.

Across the Campus: Biology

Save the animals is taking on a whole new form!


This week’s Clarkson University’s Ignite Podcast episode “Across the Campus” takes us on a journey to the Biology Department. We talk to seasoned biologist and Professor Tom Langen about the ecological impacts of humans, especially on endangered species, and how biological research is being implemented in the North Country and New York. Dr. Langen explains that, “technology is getting to a point to where we can use” previous research and newer technologies to form new and interesting ways of ecological preservation.

Across the Campus: Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Clarkson University is rising to the top of sustainability all thanks to the Institute of a Sustainable Environment!

This week on “Across the Campus” we talk to Dr. Susan Powers, the Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment, about our changing climate, sustainability efforts on campus, and the amazing progress and results Clarkson has done to reduce its carbon footprint! It is her mission – as well as Clarkson’s mission – to be carbon neutral by 2025!

Across the Campus: Reh School of Business

“Things change a lot faster today because people are connected a lot more and there are pluses and minuses to that”


This week on Across the campus we take a trip over to the Reh center of business and talk to professor and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Program and Operations, Floyd Ormsbee about how the business school is innovating its curriculum and how the virtual world is changing how we conduct business. 

Across the Campus: Engineering & Management

What’s with the talk about data, data is everywhere and everything! 


Welcome to Ignite’s new series Across The Campus, a theme focused on highlighting innovation in departments, clubs, and research on Clarkson University’s diverse campus. Join Clarkson Ignite on the first episode as we talk to Dr. Golshan Madraki, a professor conducting research in the area of mathematical modeling and its applications, specifically involving social media. Dr. Madraki talks to us about the importance of using mathematical modeling as a tool to help define and solve problems for social media, supply chain management, and analysis of consumer data. She believes that analysis of this data can help diagnose problems with internet misinformation and improve mental health of people on social media!